Studio Nordost


We Help Businesses Leave a Lasting Impression

Studio Nordost


We Help Businesses Leave a Lasting Impression

Common Pains our Clients Have

  • Their product seems too expensive

  • Trouble standing out as an employer to young talents

  • Confusion around their product and its benefits

  • Trouble standing out with product or service


Solutions we Often Help our Clients with

  • Restructuring & redesigning websites

  • Refreshing the company's visual identity

  • Product photography & videography

  • Brand strategy & messaging

The best solution for you will strongly 
depend on the problem you are trying to solve.


What Does Working together Look like?

  1. You’ll get a fixed price upfront

  2. We’ll uncover your business problem in detail

  3. We’ll come up with a tailor-made solution

  4. You’ll get progress updates at least once a week

Tell us about your problem within a 15 minute discovery call — no strings attached. 🤞🏻

We won’t sell you anything. The purpose of the call is to see if we’re a good fit. If we can help you solve your problem, we’ll write you a proposal. If we’re not a good fit, there’s a good chance we can point you in the right direction.

Selected Client Cases ↓


Strategy Design Concept & System Motion Webdesign & Code Photography Videography

Website Relaunch for an Austrian Ceramic Manufacturer

  • Lack of focus in their positioning
  • Confusion around their products & services
  • Webdesign didn’t match their high-end product which made them seem too expensive
Ceraflex is a ceramic manufacturer offering meticulously crafted, high-end ceramic pieces tailored to each client's unique requirements. With an array of coloring options and a custom-fit machining process, their products exude individuality and sophistication. Our design approach was centered on highlighting Ceraflex's commitment to high end quality, ensuring that every aspect of their brand reflected their exceptional craftsmanship.

To achieve this, we have choosen a color palette, typography, and layout system that reflects refinement and high design standards. Additionally, we introduced a simple yet effective motion design concept and incorporated smooth and evocative imagery throughout the website — from close-up shots that showcased intricate details to carefully composed scenes highlighting the versatility of their pieces. Complemented by clear messaging, we ensured visitors could grasp the benefits and distinctive qualities of Ceraflex's ceramic products.

Through our redesign efforts, we successfully reconfigured Ceraflex's brand identity to align harmoniously with their product offerings.
  • Narrowing target audience
  • Clear and simple messaging
  • Clear web structure and user journey
  • Brand elements that reflect high-end positioning and sustainable approach


Visual Identity Motion Webdesign & Code Print Photography

Minimalistic, Motion Focused, Identity for an Atmospheric and Interior Design Studio

  • Atmospheric design is a fairly new term and concept
  • Process behind spacial atmosphere is rather complex and unheard of
  • Having a minimalistic and simple look, yet still being unique
Atmospheric design is a specialized area within the field of interior design that goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to create environments that cater to the unique needs of their inhabitants. With IAAD (short for Interior Architecture Atmospheric Design), our goal was to craft a brand identity that would truly reflect their offering and showcase the benefits of their approach.
Atmosphere should never feel forced but rather be subconsciously experienced. To capture this, we developed a design concept centered around a minimalistic look. This clean and uncluttered approach allows the ambiance to take center stage.
Introducing motion design further shaped the brand's identity. By incorporating subtle yet captivating animations, we brought life to the IAAD brand. The fluid movements and transitions reflect organic flow and adaptability.
Typography played a crucial role in conveying the modern and distinctive character of IAAD. We selected a typeface that strikes a balance between contemporary aesthetics and timeless appeal. Complementing the typography, we designed the brand visual using the acronym "IAAD." This form not only simplifies the name but also provides flexibility and versatility — allowing various configurations and applications, enabling it to adapt to different contexts while maintaining its recognizability. This flexibility opens up space for incorporating relevant imagery, showcasing the studio's impressive craftmanship and the transformative ability of their work.
By capturing the essence of IAAD's cornerstones — subconscious experience, minimalism, dynamism, high design standard, and relevance— we created a brand identity that truly reflects the studio's vision and expertise. The visual elements we employed, including the whitespace-heavy design, dynamic motion concept, distinctive typography, and adaptable brand visual, work harmoniously to communicate IAAD's commitment to crafting inviting, comfortable, and functional spaces that enhance the lives of their clients.
We developed a compelling brand identity centered around the concept of "atmospheric design." Drawing inspiration from the subconscious effects of atmospheric elements, we incorporated key elements of this concept into our design approach. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we employed a dynamic motion design concept that complemented the clean and minimalistic look. Additionally, by introducing a concise summary highlighting the benefits, tools, and mechanics of atmospheric design, we brought clarity to the new space.

There are a lot of business benefits, to investing in your brand. It helps differentiate your business, builds trust and loyalty, allows for premium pricing, opens new opportunities, and engages employees.

We happily discuss further details directly with you.
We offer a limited number of 15 minute calls per week over Google Meet, no strings attached.

We won’t sell you anything. The purpose of the call is to see if we’re a good fit. If we can help you solve your problem, we’ll write you a proposal. If we’re not a good fit, there’s a good chance we can point you in the right direction.